What we do

We provide a comprehensive, confidential stocktaking and advisory service to the Licensed and Leisure Trade AT A VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE.


Our service includes computerised on-site results for both liquor and food operations.

In addition, a brief audit report, in which recommendations to improve administration, gross profit, barrellage etc. can be made. We regularly are able to alert our clients of reduced margins etc. BEFORE any real damage is done!


We are a small company with access to a national network, which can offer flexibility of service and personal attention at all times.

We have available experienced members of staff in your area, to assist in the smooth running of any proposed stock audit operation.

Should you feel these proposals merit further discussion, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Arrangements can be made to visit you and discuss in greater detail your individual requirements.

Phone / Fax: 01757 617239

Email: info@stockauditservices.co.uk